Why should I use MicrocynAH® animal
healthcare products instead of HOCl products?

MicrocynAH Product Line

The leading brand HOCl products that many had come to rely upon are no longer being formulated with the patented Microcyn® Technology.  This original hypochlorous acid was replaced by a low-cost hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite solution.

Due to this consequential change in chemistry, these other products no longer perform up to the standards of our original formulation. The free available chlorine in products packaged in translucent blue bottles diminishes rapidly when exposed to daylight, thus reducing its shelf stability to months—or in some cases just weeks.

When we learned that our Microcyn® Technology was being replaced with a lower-quality HOCl, we moved forward to create our own line of advanced animal healthcare products that would continue to deliver on all the benefits of the original HOCl products—plus more.

MicrocynAH® and Theracyn®-branded products are the ONLY animal healthcare offerings manufactured with the patented Microcyn® Technology. Microcyn® Technology, with over 45 patents, has successfully treated over ten million patients—both two-legged and four—over the past decade. Proven safe and effective in over thirty clinical trials and in thousands of veterinarian offices, the proprietary hypochlorous acid found in the MicrocynAH® and Theracyn® animal healthcare products is highly shelf stable, efficacious and non-toxic.

Finally, since we are the manufacturer and patent holder on the Microcyn® Technology, we are able to offer you MicrocynAH® at a significantly lower price than most other HOCl-based products.