What sets MicrocynAH products apart from ALL
other animal wound and skin products on the market?

MicrocynAH products

It’s the Patented Microcyn Technology Available Only in MicrocynAH® Products!

MicrocynAH® Delivers Superior Shelf Stability

Stability Results

As shown in the above chart, in an accelerated aging stability study using 16 ounce bottles of MicrocynAH® and VetericynPLUS, after what was equivalent to 20 months of shelf life, MicrocynAH lost only about 30% of its original FAC (free available chlorine) while the VetericynPLUS lost 80%! This is a sizable and significant difference. With VetericynPLUS, the purchaser will see large differences in product properties depending on the specific age of the product they buy.

MicrocynAH® Doesn’t Burn or Sting

The osmotic concentration of a solution can play an important role in how it is tolerated by certain tissues. The closer a solution is in osmolality to that found in tissues, the more tolerable the solution is to the cells. In other words, the less chance of stinging.

MicrocynAH® is formulated with an osmolality of greater than 200 mOsmo/kg. This level of osmolality is very compatible with animal tissues. VetericynPLUS, on the other hand, has an osmolality on the average of only 50 mOsmo/kg which can result in stinging with certain tissues. This stinging may induce an animal to avoid application making it more difficult to complete a treatment regimen.

MicrocynAH® Degrades Very Little in Open Light

16 oz. Photostability Results

Hypochlorous acid, the key ingredient in both MicrocynAH® and VetericynPLUS, is very sensitive to light. Oculus has studied this challenge extensively and has chosen MicrocynAH packaging so as to minimize light-induced damage.

VetericynPLUS is packaged in translucent blue bottles, which while attractive, provide very little protection against light degradation. In a very simple study, 16 ounce bottles of both the MicrocynAH® and the VetericynPLUS products were placed in a windowsill and their hypochlorous acid content was measured over time.

The hypochlorous acid content of the VetericynPLUS product dropped by a significant 94% in just 72 days.  On the other hand, MicrocynAH only lost 16% of its HOCl over this same time period.

MicrocynAH® Delivers Next-Generation Dermatology Products for Animals

The latest advance in the MicrocynAH® family of products are the new MicrocynAH® Hot Spot Spray Gel with Dimethicone and the MicrocynAH® Anti-Itch Spray Gel with Dimethicone for the relief of pain and itch associated with hot spots and other skin dermatoses. The FDA has approved the use of dimethicone as a skin protectant in over-the-counter products and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel has assessed it as safe to use in personal care products. No other animal healthcare products on the market provide this novel mix of advanced hypochlorous acid and dimethicone. These products are now available at your favorite pet specialty stores and online.

Dog with Infections, Flea Infestation and Extensive Hair Loss

In August 2015, Port Angeles Pet Posse (a volunteer rescue organization) was contacted by a concerned citizen who had found Hydee, a beautiful Golden Retriever who had numerous medical problems associated with infections, flea infestation, malnourishment, extensive hair loss.