Winners from our Winter Holiday Contest:

1. Debbie Nubile
2. Anthony Loe
3. Tina Demarco
4. Shawna Griffith
5. Denise Johnson

Contest Ended

Dakota Dressed Up fo..

Dakota is a Great Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog. He is healthy. Very Sweet boy. Loves everyone. He will be 10 June 27. He is the best dog we have ever had.

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Rerun ready for St. ..

Rerun is very special, he was in a puppy mill, we rescued him and it took 4 months until he gained our trust. Now 13 years later he is our miracle boy!

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Luna celebrating St. Patty’s Day!

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Kiss me, I’m I..

Bella loves St.Patrick’s day because of all the kisses she gets! 🙂

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Angel is ready for St. Patrick’s Day

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Buster O’Grady..

He was feeling a bit Irish today

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12 year old Mr. Phil..

12 year old Mr. Phillip, hope everyone has a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day! =)

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