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Barnyard Sanctuary
Barnyard SanctuaryA New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation
Since opening our doors, we have saved the lives of nearly 3,000 farm animals! Today, approximately 700 farm animals call us home. It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish in just a short period of time. As I look back, what surprises me the most is how this experience has impacted me in so many ways that it’s hard to describe. Who knew that it would be more than animals whose lives would be changed? It is this journey that shapes our vision of the future.

Slow Trail Horse Rescue and Recovery
Slow Trail Horse Rescue and Recovery
Opened in 2013, Slow Trail Horse Rescue started out as a small family operation to rehabilitate horses who needed a new home. Since then, we have made it a point to try and be a part of the community. Slow Trails puts a major emphasis on horse rehabilitation. This is done through many hours of volunteer work, and we even get help from our local community. Slow Trails provides a safe learning environment for people of all ages to come and observe the horses, help with the farm work, and go on trail rides. We teach the importance of safety, horse care and handling, and that it never hurts to put in a little hard work. Slow Trails also does community outreach at the local rodeo by hosting open arena times for the kids who can’t practice as often as they like, and they hold pony rides for the younger kids who don’t get to see large livestock on a daily basis. Slow trails lends their horses out for local birthday parties and has even set up an adoption with the local sheriff’s department mounted patrol. At the end of the day, we are happy knowing that we are making a small difference not only to the horses we rescue, but also to the youth that we work with. Our motto will always be to save the world, one horse at a time.

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